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Thu 8

June 8

America at a Crossroads, with Judy Woodruff

Common Ground Committee

Location: Online


Veteran journalist Judy Woodruff has been covering US politics for more than 50 years. She moved to Washington DC in 1977 and has been there ever since, reporting for NBC, CNN, and PBS, most recently spending 11 years as anchor of the PBS News Hour.

During her career Woodruff has covered every presidential administration since Jimmy Carter and has gotten to know a lot of politicians socially as well as professionally. In the past she attended DC dinner parties where Democrats and Republicans would mingle and get along. Not anymore. “You’re very, very careful when you invite a Republican and a Democrat to the same event,” she says. She has never seen the US as divided as it is now.

In this episode we speak with Ms. Woodruff about her two-year reporting project to get to know America better, America at a Crossroads. This new series for the PBS News Hour will culminate with the 2024 presidential election. Woodruff explores our current divisions as she travels the country interviewing scholars, public figures, and ordinary people. She delves into how and why these divisions came about, and what we can do to find common ground.

Tune in to hear more on the latest episode of Let’s Find Common Ground.