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Thu 1

December 1, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST

Crossing Party Lines presents THE ABORTION TALKS

Crossing Party Lines

Location: Online

Please join Crossing Party Lines for a pre-release screening of THE ABORTION TALKS, a documentary about three pro-life and three pro-choice leaders who met secretly after the 1994 abortion clinic shooting in Brookline, Massachusetts to see if together they could fix their broken worlds.

This documentary is not about abortion, per se. While nearly all the interviews are women with deeply held convictions about abortion that they express throughout the film and the events covered indicate different modes of engaging the abortion debate, this project is a celebration of six women who were brave enough to face their enemy with dignity and grace.

We are sharing this film with you as a powerful real-world example of talking across political differences. It presents the dangers of toxic polarization which renders us incapable of meaningfully addressing issues of race, poverty, income inequality, and climate change. It also presents the antidote to it: civil, respectful conversations between concerned individuals who see the world from different perspectives. In the course of this film, you will see how dialogue forever changes the way the women in this film speak to and about each other and leads them to engage in more cross-partisan efforts to successfully prevent future threats of violence.

After the screening we’ll have a Q&A session with one of the filmmakers. Come hear what they learned making a film across the partisan divide.

Note: This event raises funds for CPL and provides reimbursement for the filmmakers. At checkout, you will be asked for a suggested payment of $10. If you select payment via PayPal you’ll have the opportunity to change the amount to whatever you feel appropriate.

We here at Crossing Party Lines never want the ability to pay to get in the way of participation. If paying any fee is not an option for you but you want to attend, please contact Lisa@CrossingPartyLines.com

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