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Crossing Party Lines


  • Engage Across Differences

Crossing Party Lines creates open dialogue through warm and engaging conversations with Americans who see the world differently, to increase tolerance, build community, and encourage civic cooperation.

Crossing Party Lines hosts weekly moderated conversations that give each person a chance to share their unique perspectives. The goal is to help us understand how and why we disagree. We don’t try to change minds, win debates, prove a point, or reach consensus. We listen to understand, warmly attending to the other person as they speak, consciously setting aside the tendency to defend.
Being in “discovery mode” opens our minds and encourages curiosity, helping us appreciate the different ways we each see the world. It fosters connection among people who don’t ordinarily meet, much less agree. We engage with tolerance to increase individual and group exposure to different views — leveraging our differences as strengths — in your city, in your neighborhood, and in virtual spaces.
We are an open door offering a forum available to the general public and free to all.


Portland, OR 97219, USA