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The Conversation: What’s Your Political Color?

Crossing Party Lines

“The Conversation is the Crossing Party Lines (CPL) podcast. Crossing Party Lines is a non-profit that facilitates weekly discussions where people have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about politics, society and everything in between, and to listen to what others think/feel so that we can really understand why Americans believe what we believe. The Conversation continues these discussions so they can be shared with you.
We’ve funneled ourselves into “”Red”” or “”Blue””. When in reality there’s an enormous range of colors on the political spectrum. You can even find different “shades” within a single party.

The Pew Research Center recently released a report that identified nine distinct political sub-groups. From “”Establishment Liberals””, to “”Stressed Sideliners””, to the “”Ambivalent Right””, and more. What group do you think you belong to? What group do you actually belong to? And how might this change the way you talk or think about American politics? “

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