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Sun 16

October 16, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm PDT

Guns In Schools: Deterrent Or Danger?

Crossing Party Lines

Location: Online

With school shootings making regular appearances in our news feeds, politicians, parents, and school districts have been desperately seeking solutions to improve responses to emergencies and strengthen school safety measures. Could the key to both be allowing guns to be carried in schools? And if so, by whom?

There’s a lot of variety to “guns in schools” policies across the country and with it, a wide range in how safe the members of the community feel. Would you trust a private security firm to respond appropriately to a mass shooting incident? As a teacher, should you have to be armed? How would you feel as a student knowing there are guns on school grounds?

At this meeting, we’ll explore how these policies bring us closer or set us further back in achieving the goal of making schools safer. What’s the best thing that could happen with a guns-in-school policy? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Join the Crossing Party Lines discussion and have a voice in our Nation’s Conversation! People of all views are welcomed, appreciated, and heard.

Please do your best to arrive at the beginning of the meeting – once we are in breakout rooms and the conversations have started, the meeting doors close to new arrivals. The breakout rooms open (and the doors close) approximately 15 minutes after the hour.

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