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Focusing the Voice of Reform

Citizen Version 2.1

My e-travels have led me to hundreds of other organizations and individuals who are promoting reforms in the American political system.  Though they come at it from different angles and recommend an array of solutions, all would certainly improve our democratic experience.  The other thing we all have in common is failure.  Even those asking for common sense reforms have little to show for all their zeal.  A good example is campaign finance reform, an issue first noted in America in 1757.  We’re still waiting.

Besides a Congress not willing to change its business model, the other reason we reformers fail is that we speak with many tongues.  Our hundreds of tiny voices are no match for those who daily scream for special attention.  Only a focused and unified voice can hope to prevail.

SOLUTION:   All the reforms we desperately need could be enacted if the Citizenry were empowered to do so.  We reformers must focus on giving them that authority — nothing else and nothing less.  That authority would come in the form of an amendment that makes the Citizenry the fourth and highest branch of government, with prime responsibility for defining national policy.    Read the full proposal at the link below.

As the vanguard of change, our goal is not to achieve reforms of our design, but to provide, to the People, the tool they need to craft reforms of their own choosing!

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