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Exploring Partisan Agreement


We know that America is polarized. We see it in election results. We hear it from the media. But are we as polarized as they tell us?Check out this short...

Work Jam & Welcome

Ready to roll up your sleeves? Come to help our educational efforts. Bring your ideas and your work ethic. There are tons of ways to help the movement.This free form...

My Body My Choice: An Ongoing Conversation

The Great Reset

Reconciling claims of “My Body, My Choice” with respect to vaccinations, abortion, hairstyles and fashion, tattoos and piercings, sexual behavior and contraception, circumcision and genital cutting, transgendering, etc.

National Debate: Guns

Braver Angels

Some people say that guns cause violence and we should just get rid of them. Others say that guns in the hands of honest citizens is the best prevention of...