National Week of Conversation 2021, June 14-20
Courage over Contempt

Join the movement to heal America!

NWOC '21 is showcasing many opportunities for Americans to have conversations despite differences in bold and energizing ways. Powered by the #ListenFirst Coalition, National Week of Conversation invites Americans to listen, extend grace, and discover common interests. To participate, scroll through the events below or use the search tool to filter by the Types and Topics of interest to you, or enter a keyword to match, or both. Hit the “Search” button, review the resulting list, take a closer look at the events of interest, then register. Please celebrate your participation using hashtag #ListenFirst!

NWOC events are being hosted by more than 100 partners, and we invite anyone to become a Hosting Partner by emailing


The Reunited States

Arts Midwest

 The Reunited States is a feature documentary that profiles people who have dedicated their lives to promoting depolarization and de-escalation of our tensions across the political divide. Inspired by the...

Depolarize from Within


Much of what we hear communicated is black or white, but politics is complex & so are WE as individuals. We have distinct personalities and unique life experiences. We can...

Art to Bridge Divides

A Peace of my Mind

Arts Midwest and Welcoming America convene a discussion about arts’ role in bridging our cultural divisions as part of America Talks & The National Week of Conversation. Hear from a panel of arts leaders about...

Webinar: Art to Bridge Divides

Arts Midwest

Curious how to address our growing divisions? Tune into a hopeful conversation about how the arts can be a tool for connection. Arts Midwest, Welcoming America, A Peace of My Mind &...

Evolution of Parenting

The Great Reset

We will discuss how parenting has evolved over the years, from how we were raised as children to how we raise our own children or how our own children raise...