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We always have rewarding opportunities to get your citizen game on - some interactive, some informational, some virtual, some right next door. They welcome all Americans interested in making our politics better whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent. Check out our featured events below or use our search tools to zero in on the best options for you. Explore the events that intrigue you most, then click to get connected!


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Citizen Assembly

Citizen Assembly invites you to join us in the never-ending, limitless process of REAL deliberative democracy, thanks to the groundbreaking technology Egora, "The Worldwide Stock-Market of Ideas"! With Egora...

Take the survey for independent voters

Take this survey for independent voters  at Independent Voting has launched a new survey at this moment because it's an important moment for independents to be having conversations about...

News discussion


Join Iris and get matched into small private group chats to discuss current events. All discussions are asynchronous allowing anyone to join at their convenience.The matching algorithm optimises for diversity...

Politics for the People: The Independent Voter

Join the Politics for the People Book Club on Zoom for a discussion of the new book, The Independent Voter.  Participants will get to hear from authors Jackie Salit, Dr....

Democracy Happy Hour

Fix Democracy First

Join us for our weekly Democracy Happy Hour! Grab a drink and come hear about the latest democracy news, ongoing efforts to fix democracy, and ways you can participate. Each...

Your Post-Election Action Plan Part II


Join us for a practical workshop on making democracy work after Election Day. We'll learn power mapping skills for getting decision makers to act, how to plan the right tactics...

Family & Politics

Braver Angels

Family relationships can be casualties of a toxic political environment. Preserve important family bonds while staying true to your values.

Belonging Conversation

Living Room Conversations

Belonging is identified as a basic human need in Maslow’s pyramid. Human beings are happier and healthier when they feel they belong and when that belonging lacks, it affects their self...